• Five Lever System

    • DESIGN

      "EVERLAST" Lorry Weighbridges are designed keeping in mind the latest traffic requirements in the country. High graded cast iron multi lever mechanism (Non- Self contained) to weigh large size trailers length of platform from 6000 mm to 18000 mm or above as per customer's requirements. FIVE LEVER SYSTEM mechanism (Non- Self contained) available from Platform length 6 Mtr. To 9 Mtr.


      Five lever system

      Lever supplied by us are preferably fabricated from mild steel with code out sections. These levers can sustain extra load occur due to the dynamic augmentation and shock loading on the platform, should you require levers with high grade and gray casting with deep code out sections, the same can also be supplied.

      Knife & Bearings

      Knife-edges are made of special alloy steel / pearlitic malleable steel with 58°C to 62°C Hardness, Accurate settings assured by matching parallel beds in the knife- edges in graves with shanks & nuts.

    • VERGES

      All mating surfaces are precision machined and fitted with renewable, interchangeable hardened steel bearings.


      Massive steel framework of rolled steel longitudinal joists and steel girder transoms supporting the platform makes it capable of carrying loads well in excess of rated capabilities. Heavy duty verges are bolted to the transoms. Meeting surfaces of transoms and verges are accurately machined to ensure perfect alignment.


      Thick plates are used for platforms which are properly ribbed to avoid skidding of vehicles.


      Robust in construction with ample safety margin above weighing capacity.


      All parts are treated and coated with preservatives before giving final finish with modern techniques.


      "EVERLAST" Weigh- Bridges are erected on test beds in the factory and tested against accurate dead weights upto full capacity. It is again tested on consumer's premises after installation.


      All "EVERLAST" Weigh- Bridges are manufactured according to ISI specifications IS: 1436- 1960 revised upto date.


      All the "EVERLAST" weigh bridges are verified and stamped by the respective departments of weights and measures, Govt. of India, after installation/calibration Three levers (Self contained) weighbridge for specific application are also manufactures.



      Steelyard is made of thick selected mild steel blade, graduated upto full capacity, Notches are machine cut dead accurately for major bar reading. Major poise is mounted on rollers. Inclined scale has clear easy to read engraved markings for minor bar reading. Minor poise moves smoothly for easy and quick weighment. Balance box is provided for tare and balancing facilities. Within the balance box, horizontally moving fine balance and vertically moving gravity adjustments are provided. Tumbler locking device is provided to hold the steelyard in place when weighing is not in progress.