• Platform Scales


    The steel-yard is made of special steel, Zinc plated and is graduated accurately to the full capacity of the machine by means of machine cut notches. This system gives quick and accurate weighment without the need for loose weights. Wear & Tear of the notches is minimise to a great extent by a special notch protection bar as illustrated. A quick tumbler locking device is provided to hold the steel yard while loading and unloading for minimising wear & tear of knife edges & bearings. Major poise is mounted on roller bearings for smooth movement. The brass polished bracket which carries the brass polished scale, engraved with marking is fixed at an angle to the steel yard for easy reading. The brass polished minor paise moves on it for final reading. Balance box at pillar and of the steel yard is provided for quick zero adjustment. Sensitivity ball incorporated in it for restoring original sensitivity instantly.



    FEATURE: Shallow foundations five scale capacities five platform sizes and to suit any requirement.

    BENEFITS: Reduced installation costs time, freight costs. A scale three indicator system


    MULTI LEVER SYSTEM will contribute to the profitable running of your business throughout its long working life. Accuracy and durability are achieved in these truck scales by the elimination of major sources of wear on the all important knife-edges and bearings. All major components are thoroughly protected against corrosion.

    SPECIFICATION : Steel Yard Indicator Type

    Capacity Platform Size Major Bar Minor Bar
    300 kg. 610 x 610 mm 300 kg. x 10 kg. 10 kg. x 100 gms.
    500 kg. 762 x 762 mm 500 kg. x 20 kg. 20 kg. x 100 gms.
    1000 kg. 914 x 914 mm 1000 kg. x 50 kg. 50 kg. x 200 gms.
    2000 kg. 1000 x 1000 mm 2000 kg. x 100 kg. 100 kg. x 500 gms.
    3000 kg. 1200 x 1200 mm 3000 kg. x 100 kg. 100 kg. x 500 gms.

    SPECIFICATIO : Steel Indicating Dial Type

    Capacity Platform Size Dial Range Graduations Sensitivity
    100 kg. 610 x 610 mm 0 - 100 kg. 200 gm. 100 gms.
    200 kg. 610 x 610 mm 0 - 200 kg. 500 gm. 250 gms.
    300 kg. 610 x 610 mm 0 - 300 kg. 500 gm. 250 gms.
    500 kg. 762 x 762 mm 0 - 500 kg. 1 kg. 500 gms.
    1000 kg. 914 x 914 mm 0 - 1000 kg. 2 kg. 1 kg.
    2000 kg. 1000 x 1000 mm 0 - 2000 kg. 5 kg. 2.5 kg.
    3000 kg. 1200 x 1200 mm 0 - 3000 kg. 5 kg. 2.5 kg.

    * Different Platform sizes can be provided in any of the specified capacities.
    * We reserve the right to change the design without notice.


    They are exceptionally sturdy and robust in construction. They are specially designed for use in Warehouses, Wholesale establishments, Heavy industries, Cargo agencies, Transport Companies, Railway Stations, Dockyards and Air ports etc. They are available in grey cast iron as well as in steel fabricated material as per your need and suitablity.


    This machine has exceptionally strong bottom work as illustrated. The stool and thrust ball system provides universal motion only to the platform to ensures the load to be evenly distributed on the stationery lever system, thereby minimising heavy shock-loads to the knife-edges and bearings to add to their long life. The levers are suspended and coupled by special design to ensure consistent alignment even if the machine is kept moving. The machine is mounted on four wheels running on continuous axles to avoid toppling.


    They are made of special corrosion resistant alloy steel, heat treated, ground and subsequently lapped to maintain accuracy for a longer period. They are inter-changeable and hence easily replaceable when necessary. The bearings are hardened a little more than the knife-edges so that they do not make groove in them.


    All EVERLAST Scales are thoroughly tested as per IS 1435-1960 revised upto date for sensitivity, corners and consistency. The scales fully conform to the specifications laid down by the department of Weights & Measures, Government of India.


    All EVERLAST weighing scales are duly verified and stamped by the department of Weights & Measures, Government of India.


    All bottom work C.l. and steel parts are finished with two bituminous protective coatings of black Colour. Pillar, bracket and dial housing are given durable post office red synthetic stoved enamel finish to give complete protection against atmospheric conditions.