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    Model No. PL-3001 FS

  • Features:

    • The structure is designed to take care of shock loading, braking and acceleration on the platform. The Platform is of a robust design and adequate strength to sustain the respective and dynamic loads.
    • Electronic balance defector for printing of only correct weight. The printing of weight is done only after the scale is actually balanced.
    • Solid and tough construction.
    • Convenient zero adjustment by push button.
    • Automatic zero tracking even if small particles of dirt water accumulate on the scale platform during continuous weighment.
    • Viewing any weighment by R.S.T. No.
    • Viewing any weighment by Vehicle No.
    • Duplicate copy of the weighment by R.S.T. No.
    • Facility of Insert Weighment.
    • Facility of Codes for two Subtitles.
    • Surface mounted weighbridge are another way of installing weighbridges with multiple module deck design with 4, 6, 8 & 12 load cells on inter connected concrete pillars.
    • The platform is installed above the ground level along with side ramps on both the sides this method gives you the reliability without needing to install a deep concrete pit.
    • The Pitless design also means there are no water problems to contend, making it the perfect weighbridge for use in costal or low lying area.
    • For weighbridge configurations the designs are available in either a steel, concrete or composite deck.
    • Everlast weighbridge's make them it perfect solution for all types of vehicle weighing applications.